East Saint Louis moms gather to cope with gun violence

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EAST ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis area is struggling to deal with gun violence and moms are speaking out all across the metro area.

Just across the river in East Saint Louis, mothers and organizations invited everyone from there to St. Louis to plant a seed of hope during a time of repeated tragedy.

“This event was a heart cry of a mother who lost a child to gun violence,” said a speaker at the event.

A grieving mother brought together the East Saint Louis community, and organizations like Moms Demand Action showed up in support.

“When people leave here, I want them to take that seed planted in peace,” said East Saint Louis Mayor Robert Eastern.

There were pictures of people lost to gun violence and signs sending out a message like “put down the guns and pick up your sons.”

“It’s about our babies. It’s about us making sure they understand we are investing in them because they are the future,” said Eastern.

The point of the gathering was to allow people to share stories and encourage the community to talk about violence riddling the area.

“They`re killing each other at alarming rates, and it has to stop,” said Eastern.

With East Saint Louis’ own collage of faces not forgotten, supporters recognize the need to band together to stop gun violence.

“It's time to end gun violence. It’s time to take action and come together as a community East St. Louis, but the entire metro. What happens here affects the Metro East area,” said Cindy McMullan of Moms Demand Action.


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