East St. Louis city leaders have to reapply for jobs


East St. Louis Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks.

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EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (AP) _ With a new mayor in office, heads of departments in East ST. Louis’ city government have been told they’ll have to reapply for their jobs.

Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks told The News-Democrat in nearby Belleville (http://bit.ly/1IkZW3u ) that she wants to restructure city government avoid the problems that have sometimes plagued the city. She told the paper “The city is dying because of business as usual. We can no longer afford business as usual.”

The move affects 10 jobs that include the police and fire chiefs as well as budget director and others.

The mayor said she and others are also working on what she called a transition plan to better serve local citizens and improve the city’s situation.


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