Eco-House Sparking Green Ideas On SIUE Campus

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KTVI) –  This is the story of when nine strangers are picked to live together and have their lives changed.  This is the story of what happens when people stop being wasteful and start being sustainable.  It’s called the “Eco-House” and it is located at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

This is the second year for the “Eco-House” on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. The school has 15 focused interest communities.

“Which are our version of living learning communities were students live together in a themed environment that may tie to and interest or a major and we have 15 living communities that we call fix for short.” said Assistant Director of University Housing Vicky Dean.

 The house brings together students from different backgrounds and different majors  but they all share the same goal.

“We want to put solar panels and gray water systems on the house this is only our second year so it’s just a lot of ideas in grant proposals but it’s a good start.” said Brittany Buckles.
Right now they’re writing grants and recycling.  Last year, they grew a garden, constructed a compost pile and cut energy use by 50% from the previous year. That’s why Chico Weber returned.  Ideas he incubated as an undergrad are becoming a business for him.

“Started as a project and it’s now becoming a business developing a company that will be producing small  turbines and also large ones for residential use  here and in developing countries.” said Chico Weber.

What started as a project can become a profession, with some real world results.

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