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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The mood at this year’s St. Louis Auto Show may have an electrifying impact on car buyers. Manufacturers are producing more and more electric cars.

There are more than a half dozen electric vehicles on display and show organizers expect that number to increase dramatically in the years ahead.

Doug Smith is the executive vice-president of the St. Louis Auto Dealer’s Association. He states, “That’s the future of the automobile it really is. There’s been a real push over the last few years to electrify the manufacturers’ fleet.”

Probably the best-known such vehicle is the Tesla. Susan Vickey owns a Tesla, “I think it would be wonderful if everybody drove an electric car.”

The local Tesla owners club proudly showed off their own vehicles.

There are different electric cars to see, Mustangs, Volvo had a model and so did Chevy.

Michelle Heinle was looking at new cars, “I’m a little hesitant about electric cars still, yes, she said.”

Just how far can you travel on one charge is a frequent question. Those who know say the range has grown from 70 miles to as many as 400.

Doug Smith said, “There’s different things going to affect that whether the ac is being used whether the heaters being used.”

Jonathan Rennard is a car enthusiast. He said electric autos are too quiet compared to a gasoline-powered V-8, “You get the thrill of the sounds, the noise, the gear changes the mechanics, people like that.”

If you want a quick charge you will probably have to make changes to your home electric system. And Missouri has a problem when it comes to charging stations. Smith added, “Public charging stations are a little bit scares right now in Missouri there are some efforts to increase that.”

People who love electric vehicles expect in just a few years, they will dominate the car show instead of gasoline-fueled autos. James Majerus is president of the Tesla Owners Club, St. Louis, “I think you’ll see a significant switch to electrification in the next five years just because the drives much better.”

Prices on electric vehicles are dropping. Manufacturers turn out more than 70 different models. The auto show continues through Sunday.