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FENTON, MO (KTVI)– Donating to a good cause is easy, but truly giving something of yourself takes sacrifice.

Almost three dozen students at Rockwood’s Uthoff Valley Elementary School spent part of their day skipping class. But they weren’t cutting school, they were in school getting a cut.

When you are only 8 years old, losing the pony tail it took you more than a year to grow can behair raising.

This all began in the spring when 3rd grade teacher Christina Layfield announced she was going to cut her long locks and donate them to a group called Children with Hair Loss. which provides wigs for kids who have lost their hair for all kinds of reasons. Christina wanted to donate because the man she married this summer battled leukemia twice as a teenager.

To be able to donate, you have to have hair at least eight inches long so that eliminates most boys these days, but 11 of them are doing it anyway just to show their support.

On the front of Uthoff Valley Elementary, the sign proclaims it a school of character. Talk about truth in advertising.