Empty Christmas present boxes could attract thieves to your home

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OVERLAND, MO (KTVI) – Now that most of the presents have been opened, police say it’s important to be vigilant because thieves often strike just after Christmas, thanks to all the opportunity.

On Gocke Place in Overland, a family was shaken after finding a broken window in their basement early Christmas evening. Police believe the attempted burglary happened because presents were in plain view.
Luckily, their dog scared the thief or thieves away, but police say it should be a lesson learned for everyone.

“Everybody’s got new stuff right now and everybody knows it,” says Overland Police Sgt. Rich Will, who wants to remind everyone to keep boxes, especially those which contained pricey items, off the curb until trash day.

“When you leave it out there, basically you’re advertising to the bad guys in the neighborhood, look what I got for Christmas,” he explains.

If you do want those boxes out of the way in the meantime, Will recommends cutting up the boxes and concealing them in the dumpster.

This time of year, thieves can also tell who’s not at home or on a long vacation, if residents aren’t careful.  Locking your doors, keeping some lights on, or having a neighbor get your mail are just some of the ways to keep criminals away.

Will adds, “If you’re in the city limits of Overland, you can always tell us when you’ll be out of town and we’ll have a car go by once a shift and check on the house for you.”

At the Overland home on Gocke Place, police say the family was out at a Christmas gathering during the attempted burglary.  They’re grateful nothing was stolen, but will make sure these Grinches won’t have a chance to steal from their home, ever again.

“The opportunity presents itself, and these folks take advantage of it,” laments Will.

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