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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – Saturday morning in Eureka, Missouri, the One Curve at a Time organization unveiled a billboard in honor of Kaela Archambault.  She died in 2010 on nearby Route FF.  The road has seen over a hundred crashes and four fatalities in five years.

“For me, it’s a mighty day,” said Shawn Archambault.
But, November 18, 2010 was a dark day for the founder of One Curve At A Time.  His daughter, Kaela, was driving on Route FF just south of Highway 109 in Eureka.  She hit a curve, then a school bus.  She died.  She was only 20 years old.

“There’s only two choices we get,” Archambault pointed out.  “You stop living, or you serve others and hope you can change a road, highway a curve.”

In September 2011, Karen Turnbo died in a single-car crash just 200 feet from where Kaela lost her life.  The Turnbo children had already their father to an unrelated car accident several years before.  Karen’s son, Bain, said his neighbors have been his rock.

“They’re amazing, for me,” he said.  “They’re pretty much everything right now.”

As Karen’s 15-year-old daughter Bailey got ready to help volunteers clean the side of the road, she struggled.  She was terrified, while she was studying for her learner`s permit.

“It’s hard for me to drive,” she sobbed, draped under her brother`s arm.  “I get scared.”

But, a tearful Missouri Department of Transportation engineer brought great news Saturday morning.

“We not only have one curve,” said Judy Wagner, of MoDOT.  “But, we are going to be correcting three curves on route FF.”

The crowd cheered.  Bailey Turnbo, and her friends, cried.

“You could tell the passion.” Wagner said.  “They’ve lost someone they love, and the passion is there and it’s addictive actually.”

An hour later, volunteers with One Curve at a Time let the tarp drop from a billboard at the entrance to Route FF.  Kaela was smiling next to two words:  Enough Tragedy.

Until MoDOT could get this project funded she was silently telling drivers to slow down.

“My daughter’s looking down, and very proud,” Shawn said.

But, there was no time to rest.  Volunteers cleaned and made the road as safe as they could in the meantime.

Website: One Curve At A Time

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