Equine rescue group seeks forever home for 26-year-old horse

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EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. – A local horse needs a new home. Right now she’s at Happy Hooves Equine Rescue. They’re running out of time and money for Roxanne (“Roxy”).

“Roxy here along with two of her so-called brothers, Mack and Radar, were orphaned as of January 26th when their owner passed away suddenly,” said Dina Volkman, Barn Manager Rolling Acres.

A GoFundMe account raised more than $1,000 to help in her care but no one has stepped up to take Roxy.

“And she has severe arthritis in her left leg making her difficult to rehome because she can`t be ridden,” Volkman said.

Saddled with the task of finding a new home for Roxy trainers turned to social media about the possibility that the 26-year-old could be put out to pasture.

“I love horses and I couldn`t just let her be put down because there was nobody to care for her.  And I couldn’t take her because it wouldn`t be fair to take her home and not have a roof over her head.  So, I was going to make sure I found her a home,” said Deanna Preis, Horse Trainer.

A spur of the moment decision to make a lot of phone calls led to Happy Hooves Equine Rescue in Edwardsville, Illinois.

“Why are you taking her home? As you can see look how cute she is. We have programs and people we know look at her she`s still viable,” said Mary Evans, CEO Happy Hooves Equine Rescue.

Roxy, a red dun quarter horse, has a bad knee but acts like a filly full of energy and youth.

“She can get around but she’s not functional for riding. A lot of people think horses have to be ridden and they don’t. They make great animals for therapy, companion animals, PTSD, emotional. See, look at that. She’s going to make people laugh,” said Evans.

And while her situation is stable, the new home might only be temporary as Roxy is available for adoption.


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