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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Some evictions are resuming in St. Louis County this week.

Evictions are being limited to tenants or their visitors who have “engaged in or promoted drug-related criminal activity” at a rental property. People will also be evicted if their staying will cause “physical injury to other tenants and landlords, or result in substantial property damage.”

Commercial property evictions will also resume.

“In meeting regularly with attorneys for tenants as well as landlords for the past several months, it is clear that everyone has been facing serious financial challenges throughout the pandemic,” St. Louis County Presiding Judge Michael D. Burton said. “Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Federal funding is available to help tenants catch up on back rent and utility bills, and help landlords recoup their losses. As more of our employees and members of the public have the opportunity to be vaccinated, we continue to follow the best advice of health care experts so that all court functions – including evictions – can be carried out safely.”

When choosing to hold evictions for the past year, the Sheriff’s Office has thought about the safety of its employees. Two employees died from COVID last year.

$30 million became available nationally to landlords on April 1 to pay for rent through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and the State Assistance for Housing Relief Program. The money can be used for back rent, utilities, and for “up to three months of forward rent and prepaid full utility assistance.”

Tenants can apply for financial assistance to be paid directly to their landlords or utility providers. Click here to see if you qualify.

Landlords looking to evict a tenant due to a failure to pay rent, must complete an affidavit when they file their petition indicating “that they have not sought and are not seeking financial assistance from E.R.A.P. or S.A.F.H.R. for the period of time designated in their eviction petitions.”