ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Despite the rising gas prices, AAA predicts more than 30 million drivers across the nation will be on the road the Memorial Day weekend.

The Missouri Department of Transportation said the holiday is the start of the 100 deadliest days. If you are on the road this weekend, law enforcement will be out in force — and some lane closures can slow you down.

“We have increased patrols so that is more details going on and more details looking for impaired drivers and people not wearing a seatbelt,” said Trooper Jayme Bufford with the Illinois State Police.

Bufford said they will be looking out for what they call the “Fatal 4,” meaning the four most common causes of fatal crashes.

“Those include not wearing a seatbelt, driving under the influence, distracted driving with this cell phone or some kind of distraction, and speeding,” Bufford told FOX 2. “So, those are the four most common causes of fatal crashes here in Illinois.”

Trooper Bufford also wantED to remind drivers about Scott’s Law, to move over for any cars or emergency vehicles on the shoulder. This comes after many of their troopers have been hit this past year.

“Just people are distracted and not paying attention, so they end up hitting our squad cars,” said Bufford. “Luckily, we haven’t had any troopers seriously injured this year.”

Drivers also need to be mindful of construction projects. These five areas will still have lane closures from existing projects, including 44 and Big Bend and the JB Bridge.

  • I-55 in St. Louis City — Two lanes will be closed northbound and southbound between Gravois and Virginia.
  • I-64 in St. Louis City — One lane will be closed eastbound and westbound near Jefferson.
  • I-44 in St. Louis County — One lane will be closed eastbound and westbound at Big Bend.
  • I-255 in St. Louis County — One lane will be closed eastbound and westbound over the Mississippi River bridge.
  • I-270 in St. Louis County — One lane of Dunn Road will be closed between Old Halls Ferry and New Halls Ferry

“The major areas we see a lot of traffic, especially here in St. Louis, are the areas of I-44 and I-70, and that’s just because a lot of folks going down to Lake of the Ozarks for the holiday weekend,” said MoDOT traffic engineer Brian Umflet.

Umflet said MoDot will halt all other construction projects by around noon Friday, IDOT will also halt construction at three, all to give as much access to roads as possible.

As for driver Alex Holloway, he’s driving to Chicago, looking forward to a weekend with friends.

“It’s not too far of a drive, so even if there is heavy traffic,” Holloway said. “I don’t think will add too much time for us if we leave around five or six tomorrow.”

FOX 2 hopes everyone has a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.