Facebook group links healthcare workers with RV lenders during COVID-19 crisis


ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Health care providers in the metro area on the frontlines are bracing for a surge in COVID-19 cases over the next two to three weeks.

A Facebook group with almost 25,000 members is connecting RV owners with healthcare workers who want to protect their families.

The page is called RVs for MDs and has members from all over the country.

It’s for healthcare providers who want to protect their loved ones while they battle a deadly virus and for people who looking to lend a hand or a camper.

“I got on and I went ahead and filled out the forms, got approved, got into the Facebook group and by Saturday night we had a match,” said Stephanie, an RV lender.

Stephanie and Steve of St. Charles, like thousands, were home and stumbled upon this page. Their r-v was sitting in storage.

“We didn’t have any plans, so I thought will go pick it up and bring it here for a couple days so we can prep it and get it all ready to get it Pontoon Beach Wednesday evening,” Steve said.

Mindy and Julie were housing Skylar, who is an expecting nurse. Julie is now encountering COVID- 19 patients.

Skylar is now able to live comfortably in the camper and practice safe social distancing.

“They had everything that I could possibly need blankets pillows towels and washcloths even bath supplies it was really nice of them I’m really blessed,” Skylar said.

Lisa and Andy are another couple who is delivering a camper to a health care worker in Belleville.

They are thrilled that she lives nearby. They will be able to help answer any questions about the camper.

Like thousands on the page from one end of the country to the next, they are strangers navigating to find the closest matches of healthcare heroes on the frontline.

They are generous people willing to help.


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