‘Fake cop’ attempted traffic stop on St. Peters driver; police investigating

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ST. PETERS, Mo. – The St. Peters Police Department and Missouri State Highway Patrol are on the lookout for a suspected fake cop.

St. Peters resident Mike Cameron said the driver of a dark Chevy Impala with police lights and a siren tried to pull him over on westbound Highway 364 in St. Charles County around 4:30 p.m. Monday.

Cameron later posted a warning about the incident on Facebook. He got a response from another driver who caught the second part of the incident with a dashboard camera.

The video shows the part where Cameron was trying to get away. You can see the suspected phony police car pulling behind the dark SUV Cameron was driving.

Cameron did pull over at first. He noticed the Impala only had standard Missouri license plates and not police plates.

At least one number on the plates looked altered or fake.

Suddenly, nothing felt right about the traffic stop anymore.

The video shows the Impala briefly following Cameron with lights flashing after Cameron decided to flee. The Impala then pulls over and the video ends.

Police said they’ve had no recent similar reports like this.

If something doesn’t seem right about a traffic stop you can keep rolling, turn on your flashers, and call 911 if possible, a Missouri Highway Patrol spokesman said. Police can confirm over the phone if an officer is pulling you over and why.


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