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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A St. Louis County couple used Craigslist to hire a company to help them move to Charlotte, NC. Police say the men loaded their belongings into a U-Haul truck, got paid, and then stole everything.

The victim hired Robinson Moving LLC after seeing an ad posted to Craigslist. Three movers showed up at his home at the 1200 block of Pinecrest Lane on on July 25, 2015. He paid one of the men $1,100 in cash to for the move. Another $300 was to be paid upon delivery.

The three men loaded the household items of the victim and his wife into the truck and drove away. The couple later received a phone call from the driver of the truck. He said they needed to load the property onto a different truck but delivery was still expected as scheduled.

Police say that after the victim and his wife flew to Charlotte they received another phone call from the driver. He said the truck was experiencing mechanical problems and was stopped on the highway near their new home.

That is the last time the victim and his wife heard from the movers. The property was never delivered to the victim’s new home. The Craigslist ad, to which the couple had initially responded, was taken down.

The victim estimates the value of the property taken from his home to be nearly $30,000.

Police have identified a suspect in this case based on the phone number in the Craigslist ad. Deandre Robinson, 33, was identified by the victim in a photo lineup as, “The man that seemed in charge.”

Robinson was arrested several months later. He is no longer in police custody. He is facing felony stealing charges.