Families seeking ways to stay fit in spite of “stay at home” order

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ST. CHARLES, MO - The COVID-19 pandemic has altered everyone's daily routine in some way. Gyms are closed, but not even a "stay at home" order can stop the grind. People are finding fun and creative ways to stay fit during these times.

"A lot of people are more sedentary now than they ever have been, and it's not by choice," said Jake Sinovich, a personal trainer for Precision Fitness and Medical Spa.

Working out seems to have slipped to the bottom of most people's priority list, but Sinovich is encouraging folks to find ways to stay active.

"Find ways to stay busy whether it’s inside or outside," he said. "If you have a dog, take it on more walks. If you have kids, go do more activities with those kids. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the time with you."

Speaking of kids, now that P.E. class, recess, and sports are no longer an option to burn off all of that extra energy, families are finding ways to keep them moving. Cosmic Kids Yoga has become a fitness favorite for Fox 2s very own Kristen Christopher's kids.
Maria Farmer is another mom who puts her kids through an hour of P.E. a day. The list of activities goes on and on.

Sinovich said YouTube and online resources make it easy for individuals and families to find something they can do! Social media is loaded with fitness gurus who are posting at home workouts for people to try, and friends have created virtual fitness challenges on Instagram and
Snapchat to help keep each other motivated.

Despite the situation that we have found ourselves in, health and fitness are still important and need to be maintained. Use this time to break bad habits and create new ones that will help you reach your 2020 fitness goals that you made at the beginning of the year.


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