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ST. LOUIS – There’s a strong message from the North City community to whoever ambushed and killed three women on Friday, December 22, 2017.

“Justice makes us determined,” yelled one woman in the crowd.

Police say 24-year-old Chanice, 25-year-old Reeba Moore and 24-year-old Dominique Lewis were shot to death in a car while trying to escape a home invasion in the 4200 block of John Avenue

Since that tragic day, their families are still trying to find the missing pieces to the puzzle.

“I don’t know who did it,” Moore’s older sister Shantai Waeley said. “Everybody is a suspect since her homicide I’m afraid because I don’t know who did this.”

With more questions than answers and little help from their elected officials, Moore’s family say they knew it was time to stop asking and start demanding answers.

“I’m not worried about the why’s I just want information that’s going to lead to the capture and conviction,” Waeley said.

“We want somebody to speak out,” Chante Hayes said. “Plain and simple as that.”

On Saturday, dozens of the three women loved ones joined for a prayer vigil in front of the home where the murders happened.

They plead for someone to come forward with information.

“We not going to never go away because they have woke us up,” Rev. Jackie Hayes-Hill said. “If you shoot somebody tomorrow we coming after you.”

“We’re going to stand up as a unit until something happens,” Hayes said. “This has to stop we can’t continue on like this, it has to stop!”

There’s currently a $15,000 reward set up through CrimeStoppers if any comes forward with any information leading to an arrest.