Family gets dog back after accusing vet of keeping him alive for months

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(KTVI) – A Texas family that made the heart-wrenching decision to have their pet put to sleep has their dog Sid back home and a veterinarian is facing charges of animal cruelty.

The family is accusing the man of keeping their dog alive for months to use for blood transfusions.

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Dr. Millard “Lou” Tierce is charged with cruelty to animals, non-livestock and his vet’s license has been suspended.

Sid is a four-year-old Leonberger. After being rescued from the vet clinic, the family took him to another veterinarian who told them there is no reason to euthanize him.

Read the full story here and find out how the family found out Sid was alive: Vet allegedly kept family’s dog alive for months to use as blood donor


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