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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO – A teenager’s five-year hospitalization is coming to an end, but her family needs help to bring her home.

Six years ago, Courtney Turner developed a high temperature. Her father, Gary Turner, took her to the emergency room and found out she had meningitis.

Gary said Courtney was in a coma for months. When she woke up, she was unable to see, could not talk or move her body. She has been hospitalized at Ranken Jordan for the past five years.

“I’ve made preparations for her to come home, the ramp is built, her room is ready, she is so ready,” said Gary.

Ranken Jordan provides care to help children transition from hospital to home, and that dream is so close to becoming a reality for Courtney and her family, but they need help in order to make it happen.”

LeeAnn Herndon is a staffing coordinator at Preferred Pediatric, a company that provides at-home care to kids, like Courtney. Herndon said Courtney needs to have 24-hour nursing in order to be home with her dad.

“Any LPN, RN looking for employment, or one day a week, if you`re looking for the opportunity to help a child or family in need, we are looking for quality nurses with that type of heart to come join our team. Courtney could use it as well as many other children throughout the area,” said Herndon.

If you’re interested or know someone who is, call Preferred Pediatric at (618) 467-1100 or email at