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ST. LOUIS – As the Cardinals play against the Atlanta Braves this weekend, Albert Pujols continues his quest for 700 home runs.

The family of Cardinals legend, Stan Musial weighs in on Albert Pujols’ record-breaking season. Musial and Pujols were friends until Musial passed away in 2013.

“Every day we see him breaking some sort of record, especially Stan’s records right. So, it’s definitely bringing up memories from a decade ago and reliving all that stuff that I got to see with Stan and Albert that were so great,” said Brian Musial Schwarze, Musial’s grandson.

Schwarze said his grandfather and Pujols were friends until he passed away in 2013. He said they spent numerous times together. He remembers what their friendship was like.

“Even from day one, when Albert came up there was always something special,” he said. “Albert came to me and said whenever your grandfather comes in here, please come get me no matter what I’m doing.”

Schwarze said he recalls one meeting in particular.  

“During the world series run in 2011, we’re here for pretty much every game, any of the home games and for one thing, grandpa played the harmonica for Albert,” he said.  

Pujols remained friends with Musial after he signed with the Los Angeles Angels. When Musial died in 2013, Pujols flew Schwarze to California to spend time with him. Pujols even had Schwarze throw the first pitch in the Angels’ game.

“Albert and Stan use to sign stuff for each other. It’s something they shared and loved doing” Schwarze said. “Albert did something special with Stan and that’s what I’m holding right now.”

Schwarze is referring to a baseball bat, one of 5 signed by his grandfather and Pujols. Schwarze said they used to joke about bats because his grandfather couldn’t believe how light Pujol’s bat swing is compared to the old days.

Schwarze was asked if he thinks Pujols will get a statue.

“He will but it won’t be as big,” he said, referring to Musial’s statue at Busch Stadium.