Family of woman who went missing from train calls Amtrak “unresponsive”

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(KTVI)- The woman who went missing from a speeding Amtrak train in Iron County early Sunday is in a St. Louis hospital and her family says they still don’t know how she ended up off the train. Rosie Madison was found in the woods near Annapolis, Missouri Sunday afternoon. Family members say she was brought to Barnes Jewish and that her injuries are still being identified as swelling goes down.

A niece, Cynthia Burton, who Madison raised, is on her way to St. Louis, and she says through all this Amtrak has been “unresponsive and uncooperative”.

It was along a desolate stretch of train tracks in Iron County that Madison was found, apparently some sixteen hours after she either fell or jumped from an Amtrak train speeding through Annapolis.

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How she got off the train remains a point of contention. Amtrak officials say a stool was found near an open window by an exit door. They believe she jumped from the train. But her family says Amtrak has told them multiple stories.

Iron county Sheriff Roger Mebley, a former railroad investigator, is just amazed she survived.

“Through the years, the majority of the people who jump from the train end up under the train. And I think that’s by the dynamic forces of the train and by design.”

Meanwhile the family says Amtrak has been little help.

“I don’t understand if they are saying they knew that night, around 2:00am, why did they not reach out to some family member, next of kin,” says niece Cynthia Burton. “We didn’t hear anything until 11:00 the next day.”

In other words, she says they were called nine hours after Madison was discovered missing.

An Amtrak spokesman says if the family has a problem, they should call Amtrak. He says communication with the family is a private matter and he’s not going to litigate it “in the media”.

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