ST. LOUIS — The family of a 27-year-old St. Louis woman is pleading for the public’s help.

Kennedy Walton, 27, has been missing since March 3. Her aunt, Marco Dean, is distraught.

“I have had seizures, two seizures, worrying about Kennedy, “said Dean.

She said Walton lives in south St. Louis, but travels to see her mom and sisters in Belleville.

“She told her she was on her way back over there, but she never did show up,” said Dean. “Jacques called her back maybe a half an hour to an hour later. The phone just rang.”

Dean said the white Chevy Tahoe she was driving was discovered in St. Louis this week, fingerprinted by police, and returned to Kennedy’s mother just a couple of days ago. But there was no sight of Kennedy.

“The truck was found two blocks from her house, which is strange to me. It wasn’t there, and then all of a sudden a neighbor said she watched a man park it and get out,” said Dean.

The night she vanished, Kennedy was wearing black leggings, a black shirt, and a black jacket. She is 5’11’ and weighs 260 pounds.

The family said they filed a missing person’s report with the Belleville Police Department but have no leads.

“We’ve been running around the neighborhood looking for Kennedy, putting up flyers. We’ve also been putting it on Facebook, Twitter, to see if anybody can just come up with anything. If they’ve seen her anywhere, something because we haven’t heard nothing,” said Dean.

Dean has her suspicions.

“There’s like five other Black females missing. That’s weird. That’s not common,” said Dean. “I’m thinking it’s sex trafficking the women.”

Fox 2 has covered stories of multiple Black women that have gone missing from the St. Louis area.

Beverly Logan was last seen on January 26 near Ross Lane in Belleville.

Then, there’s 30-year-old Dana Holt of St. Louis. She hasn’t been seen in town since taking an Amtrak train to Dallas on March 1.

“There’s a lot of internet prostitution going on, and a lot of these girls are being held against their will,” said Coffee Wright, the founder of Missing Person Task Force. “They’re taking a lot of women from the St. Louis area.”

Walton’s family just wants her back.

“She was a gentle giant,” said Dean. “She called me shorty all the time. She’s just a peaceful person.”

If you have any information, you’re asked to dial 911.