Family shares video of 12-year-old girl’s final moments before she died in house explosion

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DALLAS, TX – Nearly a year after a 12-year-old Dallas girl died in a natural gas explosion, her family wants to share video of her final moments before the blast. They show her doing normal things any pre-teen girl would do, until you see a spark.

Newly released video shows Linda Rogers getting ready for a cheerleading competition on the morning of Feb. 23, 2018. In a time-lapse video, she’s doing her hair when you see a spark. Her family’s lawyer says the spark was the house filling up with natural gas and exploding.

The Dallas Fire Department says two other homes caught fire on the same block where Linda lived, those also blamed on gas.

Three days after Linda’s death, close to 3000 homes in the neighborhood were evacuated so gas could be cut off and homes individually checked for safety. One year later Atmos tells KTVT-TV that it’s replaced 98 miles of pipes in that neighborhood.

“The way I see them work, yes, it’s non-stop and now I think they’re overdoing it,” said neighbor Sergio Barragan.

Sergio Barragan lives in front of the Rogers home.  He says he doesn’t believe the company’s version of events.

Atmos says the pipe system in the northwest Dallas neighborhood was performing properly before the explosion.  Atmos says heavy rains and shifting soil conditions in that neighborhood put enormous pressure on the pipes.



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