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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A north St. Louis family is frustrated after cars going too fast keep ending up in their front yard.

Betty Hayes and her family own two houses right at the intersection of Bailey and Grove in north St. Louis. They said too often people come hurtling around the corner and end up in their front yard.

“Sixty miles an hour is too much. Forty miles an hour is too much. Coming down this street when you have to stop, there are houses right here. He was flying obviously and ended up in my grandmother’s front yard. He’s not a statue, he doesn’t belong there,” said Robyn Willams, Betty’s daughter, who lives in one of the homes.

On Tuesday afternoon, a car ended up on the front steps of the home.

“This is not the first incident and it is always caused by a high speed chase. Somebody chasing somebody,” Williams said.

Just three months ago, Betty’s car was hit and totaled during a police chase. Since 2007, the family has had at least eight cars end up in their yard or hit their parked car on the street.

One time a car actually went through the yard and into a front bedroom of the house.

Before the latest accident Tuesday, Betty said her nephew had been mowing the lawn and her grandkids were playing in the yard.

She said something needs to change before someone seriously gets hurt.

“I told them I have to push this issue what is it going to take somebody to get killed,” Hayes said. “We have babies my mother is too old to be stressed out and sometimes we have 15 to 20 kids out here so we have to draw a line somewhere.”

The family wants cement barricades to be placed in front of their homes.

“If we can’t get permits to put little stumps in front of the house, then the need to barricade this street so traffic is only going up and down this street,” Williams said.

The St. Louis City Streets Department put in reflectors and a stop sign after the car went though the Hayes’ home in 2007. The family said that has not been enough. The city is willing to work with residents to make their homes safer from traffic.

A lot of times the cars involved in these accidents don’t have insurance or are stolen, so the financial burden to repair the damages then falls on the Hayes family.