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FARMINGTON, MO. (KTVI) – At least one area community is expected to pull the plug on this year’s fireworks display because of extremely dry conditions.  Both the Farmington city administrator and fire chief tell us the decision will probably be made Friday to cancel this year’s fireworks display at Engler Park.

The only thing that would change the situation would be rain and there is none in the immediate forecast.

“It will be sad for the kids,” said Farmington resident Angie Rueter.  “They all look forward to this,”

Farmer Dan Herbst applauds the city for using caution.  “A stray firework could set a field on fire,” said Herbst.

Some residents were heartbroken over the news about others understood.

“We can’t be starting fires,” said Michelle Roussin.

Dennis Huskey operates a fireworks stand for Jerry’s Fireworks and is hoping for a little rain.

He said it was too soon to know if sales would improve if the city’s display is cancelled or if they would hurt by the dry weather.

“It might drive people to us it might drive people away from us,” said Huskey.

A final determination on whether the city’s fireworks display is cancelled will be made Friday.