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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KTVI) – ‘We were thinking about doing Godzilla,’ says Freddie Noviosel III.

‘Right,’ says Freddie Noviosel, Jr.  ‘We were going to do Godzilla.’

‘I was like let`s do something,’ says Noviosel III.

Something from nothing is what this father son duo did.

Freddie Noviosel and his son Freddie the third came up with, the first family of FOX Television.

‘All the cartoons we do all these cartoons have little skinny legs and big bodies but they never stand,’ says Noviosel, Jr.  ‘So easiest way to solve that is to put a couch and you can put almost anyone on there.  So it just happened to be the Simpson`s this year…and they sit on a couch!’

It took shovels, a wheel barrel, a knife and about thirty dollars of spray paint to portray Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Noviosel came up with the novel concept because the cold winter months affect his normal job.

‘I just do it because I can`t pour concrete this time of year so I got some free time on my hands,’ says Noviosel, Jr.

While it took seven hours to make Matt Groeing`s famous family, for this father and son it was a bonding experience to build something, no matter the material whether clay, concrete or dough.

‘Using our hands and shovels just kind of packing it,’ says Noviosel, Jr.   ‘Once we get it packed nice and tight we take our shovels to carve the couch.’

On a sunny Monday afternoon onlookers stopped by to spy the Simpson family off Keebler Drive.

‘They called today and I said, `Well, Marge Simpson`s head fell off, `’ says Noviosel, Jr.

Sadly, it wasn`t Mr. Burns’ nuclear power plant that melted Marge and Homer on Monday, but Mother Nature.

‘It`s become more tree house of horror like?’ asks Patrick Clark.

‘Yeah we expect it,’ says Noviosel, Jr.  ‘We know we`re going to get it up and it take sometimes more time to put them up than it takes for Mother Nature to take them down.’

‘How does it make you feel knowing that you guys made a lot of people happy?’ asks Clark.

‘Oh it`s great,’ says Noviosel, Jr.  ‘I love it.  That`s why we do it.’

You might say it`s their just desserts.

Mmm, dessert.