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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – The teen charged with killing a St. Louis County Police Officer was not the first family member involved a serious police situation.  A police call last July resulted in two full orders of protection against the father of Trenton Forster.  Trenton Forster was charged October 6th, 2016 with first degree murder in the shooting death of St. Louis County Officer Blake Snyder.  The orders are being enforced on behalf of two  neighbors of the Forsters.  One of them is a St. Louis County Police Officer we`re not naming.

The officer and her husband both wrote out their fears on October 6th & 7th, the day of and the day after Trenton Forster was charged with killing officer Snyder.  The couple describes events from July 2015, involving William Forster, Trenton’s dad who according to the officer, “was walking around my subdivision with a shotgun talking about shooting demons on the rooftops.”  Her affidavit continues, “When St. Louis County Police arrived, William shouted to police to shoot him or he would shoot police.”

The police report is sealed by the courts and the St. Louis County Police Department declined our Sunshine request to get a copy, saying it presents “a clear and present danger.”

Fox 2 has learned the police report shows Forster`s dad was taken for a mental health evaluation, but that his wife told police Forster did not suffer from a diagnosed mental illness and had ‘a lot to drink’ that July 4th night after dealing with stress from his sons and the death of his father.

There were no criminal charges and William Forster got back all four guns that were seized from him.  None of those guns was used by Trenton Forster October 6th.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post Dispatch reached William Forster`s attorney tonight.  Attorney Eric Barnhart said William Forster suffered a mental breakdown more than a year ago because of his son`s actions.  He says Forster told him it was quote “one of the worst times of my life.”