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ST. LOUIS – A federal judge tossed out a lawsuit filed by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner where she claimed the city, the local police union, and others of a coordinated and racist conspiracy aimed at forcing her out of office.

Judge John Ross blasted Gardner’s claims that she was the victim of a coordinated and racist conspiracy aimed at forcing her from office.

Gardner, the city’s elected prosecutor, also accused “entrenched interests” of intentionally impeding her efforts to reform racist practices that have led to a loss of trust in the criminal justice system.

The lawsuit alleges civil rights violations as well as violations of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. Gardner is black. The named defendants are white.

Ross wrote that Gardner’s lawsuit “can best be described as a conglomeration of unrelated claims and conclusory statements supported by very few facts, which do not plead any recognizable cause of action.”

An attorney for Gardner said nothing about today’s court ruling changes the underlying merit of this case.

“Kimberly Gardner has been viciously attacked by the coordinated powerful few simply because she is a Black woman reforming the criminal justice system so that all people in the City of St. Louis are treated fairly. 

Gardner’s attorney also says the improperly appointed Special Prosecutor continues to be allowed to hide the contents of an illegitimate search warrant from which he seized and holds every file that belonged to the Circuit Attorney’s Office.