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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Martez Little, 24, of Ferguson, a witness to the officer involved shooting near Ferguson just after midnight Wednesday morning, said police also beat and threatened him.

Esrail Britton, 19, was critically wounded by a police officer just after midnight Wednesday morning.

St. Louis County Police officers pulled guns on little, handcuffed him and dragged him across the parking lot of a dry cleaners at Chambers and Bon Oak just outside of Ferguson, Little said.

He was nursing scrape wounds on his face, chest, stomach, and shoulders Wednesday night.

Fox 2 captured video of him at the demonstration on West Florissant in Ferguson a few hours before the shooting.  He was unhurt, with a shirt over his face to keep him from breathing tear gas.

He said he fell into a group of about 8 demonstrators.

He thought they were breaking up for the night.  Then, from somewhere in the group, he heard shots fired.

He said he ran when he saw a police officer fire at Britton.

Police caught Little not far from that shooting scene.

“Then, one police grabbed me by both of my legs and just got to dragging me while I was in handcuffs.  That’s why my face got like that because I couldn’t put no pressure down to keep my face from hitting the ground… I was afraid for my life, I thought I wasn’t going to make it …because it was too many guns in my face,” he said.

“They was calling me and saying, ‘I think your son got shot, I think your son got shot’,” his mother Betty Little said.  “I said, ‘Who’? They said, ‘Martez, Martez’.  I jumped out of the bed, got in my car and ran up there.  I couldn’t get through.”

Police said there were no other arrests and Britton was the only person charged.

Little said he was held overnight for questioning and released Wednesday afternoon.

He said he was charged for outstanding traffic warrants but nothing else.

FOX2 was unable to get a comment from St. Louis County

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