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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Mayor James Knowles talked with FOX 2 at length about how his city is preparing for the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting investigation.  Mayor Knowles believes the public’s response will be a regional issue.  He doesn’t think it’s going to be just about Ferguson or north county.  He said the threats that are out there are across the region. He expects demonstrations to break out in several places.  Clayton and downtown St. Louis are expected to be focal points, especially Clayton. The law enforcement response will be reactive, mobile and able to respond to any issues that break out.

As the mayor plans for the future and the safety of Ferguson residents, he’s also trying to deal with identity theft.  Hackers posted his personal financial information on-line, leading to countless hours trying to sort through the mess that followed.  He said the group Anonymous posted his parents financial information on-line, causing an incredible amount of headache and frustration for them.  Someone siphoned money off their accounts.  Mayor Knowles says a lot of progress has been made from the suggestions given to them by protesters wanting change.  An explorers program will start in 2015 to get young African-American students interested in police work at an early age. The city would also provide financial support to those who went on to the police academy.  Financial incentives are also being put into place to encourage officers to work and live in Ferguson.  You can see the entire list of the progress at the city council meeting here on the posted link.

Mayor and City Council Goals and Progress October 28, 2014

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