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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)– The U.S. Justice Department sent letters to the city of Ferguson this week outlining their expectation that officers will begin wearing their name plate immediately. In the letter,  DOJ officials say the requirement to wear name badges is outlined in the city police department’s general order.

A letter Friday also explains an understanding between Chief Jackson and the DOJ that no officers will wear “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets while on duty or in uniform.

Chief Jackson is also expected to make sure officers from other departments will not wear those bracelets while on duty in Ferguson.

The Department of Justice says it has observed times when officers weren’t wearing name badges and they saw pictures of officers wearing the bracelets during the Tuesday night protests in Ferguson.

Friday night was a quiet night in Ferguson as protestors marched up and down South Florissant and briefly into adjoining neighborhoods. It was a contrast to Thursday night when police made seven arrests, primarily for failing to obey a reasonable command of a police officer.

Supporters demanding justice for Mike Brown chanted and waved signs at passing motorists near the Ferguson Police Department.  No one interrupted traffic on south Florissant.  Police did not confront protestors.

Chief Tom Jackson  continues to say  he and  his officers will “work through” the problems in Ferguson with advice from the justice department.