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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Normally they’re catching criminals; but on this Friday morning, officers with the Ferguson Police Department took time out to catch a flick.

“Students approached a week and a half ago, stated that he wanted to see the movie ‘Black Panther’ and asked if I could help,” said Officer DeQuincy Howard, Ferguson Police Department. “I said I’ve got a better idea, I’m going to reach out to the DARE officers and get money donated and take a group of your friends with us.”

What began as a conversation at McCluer South Berkeley High School, turned into a field trip of sorts for these students to catch a film with some Ferguson police officers.

“This isn’t doing nothing but strengthening me as a man,” said Antonio Nelson, a senior at McClure South Berkeley High School. “To have another black man that’s around me a lot do things like this to help our culture. It’s a great experience and I do appreciate it a lot.”

At the Galleria 6 Cinema, students got to watch larger-than-life superhero Black Panther on the big screen. And for the gathered students, it was an opportunity to experience something together.

“I feel like with everything that’s happened over the past year with the shootings and things like that, that it’s a great way to give police the opportunity to build relationships with students,” said Brandy Williams, a senior at McCluer South Berkeley High School. “This is like his second thing he’s taken us to do with us. So I feel like he’s making a way in our school.”

Officer Michelle Merriwether joined Officer Howard on the trip.

“We…could reach out and make an impact in these kid’s lives, that’s a start,” Merriwether said. “As long as we get one that`s a start. So we’re here to make a change in our community and the city this nation and among our youth period.”