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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – St. Louis Rams players tackled the Ferguson issue on the football field during Sunday’s game. Like the rest of the nation, Ferguson has been on the minds of Rams players this week. Five team members used the game as opportunity to make a statement. Just before the Rams/Raiders game got underway five members of the Rams receiving corp put their hands up much like protesters do in support of Michael Brown. After the game, wide receiver Kenny Britt insisted they were not taking sides on a controversial issue.  Britt said, “Taking sides? We wanted to show that we were there for a cause that something positive comes out of it.”

During the National anthem fans were asked to join arms, a sign of unity. Although a football game can take people’s minds off of Ferguson for a few hours those memories are far from fading away even in the locker room. Chris Long said, “A young man lost his life and lots of discussions are being had I think there’s health discussion to be had.”  James Laurinaitis said, “It’s important that we move forward to serve on another try to care, love whatever that looks like.”

Fans, both white and black, who attended the game reported little reaction inside the stadium to the hands up display. One woman said, “Everybody had a nice time they were raising their hands and everything.”  A man added, “I feel like everybody came together on that one and that was it.”

Meanwhile, outside the dome protesters showed up and they were met by police dressed in riot gear. Police said six people were arrested for failure to disperse, two of them for resisting arrests and one of those two for marijuana possession.

St. Louis Police Officers Association Condemns Inflammatory Display at Rams Game

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