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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-The New York Times has reported on new details in the Michael Brown shooting investigation. From protestors in front of the Ferguson WalMart to shoppers at the farmer’s market, everyone was talking about the latest revelations printed by the newspaper.

The article quotes justice department sources in Washington who have access to the information being viewed in a civil rights investigation of Officer Darren Wilson. They say he told investigators he feared for his life as he and Michael Brown wrestled over his gun. Forensics information in the same report indicates the gun was fired twice, once into the car and once into Brown’s arm. Brown’s blood was found on Wilson’s gun according to the article.

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There is nothing new, however, regarding what happened after brown and Wilson separated or during the moments when the fatal shots were fired. Notably, though, the justice department source says there is currently not enough information to file civil rights charges against Wilson.

Protestors were skeptical about the new information.

Jerroll Sanders, a former candidate for mayor of Detroit, who was with protesters Saturday, said, “They have complete custody over the crime scene. They can do…this is clearly constructed and contrived to justify the killing of Mike Brown.”

At the farmer’s market, shoppers say they’re willing to give the investigation, and the grand jury, more time.

“I want them to go over everything and talk to enough witnesses and get the facts straight because I just feel confident that if they have enough time they`ll come to a clearer decision,” said Chris Jaurigui, a former Ferguson resident.

“I don’t trust the sources,” said resident Pam Peters. “I’d just rather get it when it comes out and be done with it because there are too many reactions to what’s being said now.”

What everyone is wondering is what the grand jury will say, likely early next month, and what the reaction will be to that.

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