EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – A fire at an East St. Louis business had firefighters scrambling Friday morning. The blaze at Petroff Towing near Interstates 55 and 64 had thick black smoke and flames. No one was hurt.

The blaze damaged an office and the storage area for the towed vehicle. Several of the towed vehicles were also destroyed.

One worker, Marcus Lampley, who worked at an adjacent building, says he first saw the smoke and dialed 911.

A tow truck driver for Petroff Towing said he was in the company parking lot when he saw the smoke and alerted a fellow worker in the office. He said he was just glad to be alive.

The driver said the company towed vehicles for the Illinois State Police.

The East St. Louis Fire Department believed the fire was an accident, but the cause is still under investigation.