Fire damages golf course building in Forest Park

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A fire at Forest Park lit up the early morning skies.  Flames were leaping into the air. It happened at the golf course. Firefighters were called just after five this morning. At first people thought the clubhouse was burning, it turned out to be this storage building nearby. Fire crews had to use one thousand feet of hose to bring in enough water to knock down the flames.

Capt. Garon Mosby is a spokesman for the St. Louis Fire Department.  Mosby said, “We`re in the park we adapt and overcome that`s what we do we need fire hydrants of course to put out fires the trucks have about 500 gallons of water on them but once that`s exhausted we have to seek a source here it was a challenge but that`s what we do, adapt and overcome.”

Firefighters had the flames out quickly, and investigators began their work. Fortunately some propane tanks did not explode.

Meanwhile, golfers showed up to play a round. The parking lot was filled with fire equipment. Tee times were delayed about an hour.  Golfers took it all in stride.

Tony Meyers is a golfer, “I`ve never been delays by fire playing golf, hail, lighting but never fire.”

Golfer Tim Thompson said “You can`t burn the course down so even if the clubhouse goes down you can still play golf right.”

The building held party supplies and restrooms used for events.  The fire shouldn`t mess up anyone`s plans.  Jeff Raffelsos manages the golf course, “We have a wedding tonight it won`t affect that at all. We`ll get this cleaned up once we get the okay from fire.

He said they have insurance which should cover repairs and replacement.

Hale Irwin redesigned the park’s golf courses in 2004 and they were renamed The Norman K Probstein Community Golf Courses and Learning Center in Forest Park. The damaged building is about six years old.

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