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LADUE, Mo. – A house fire in Ladue destroyed a pool house Wednesday morning, but had Fox 2 not reported on it, firefighters said it could have been much worse.

Smoke was rising high into the sky from a massive pool house that appeared to be burning for hours at 2222 Warson in Ladue. Fox 2 called the Ladue Fire Department just before 6:35 a.m.

“It was shocking to us that nobody saw this. As large as the pool house was and close to the main road, that nobody saw it,” said Chief Steven Lynn, Ladue Fire Department.

Firefighters arrived quickly and informed the homeowners why they were there. The homeowners had no idea that their pool house was destroyed as their property is massive and sits on a lot over 9 acres.

“Pulled up and saw the structure was completely consumed. We did have a gas meter that was knocked off, we had a gas-fed fire,” Chief Lynn said.

Spire showed up and turned the gas off and firefighters were able to deal with the fire.

Susan Slavick Williams, one of the homeowners, thanked Fox 2 and said her family and pets are all safe.

No other part of the 28,000-square foot home appeared to be damaged. She says at this point it looks like a lightning strike started it.

“There is a possibility. Homeowners report some electric problems after they heard a large boom lightning strike,” Chief Lynn said.

The fire department says the fire burned for a long time without anyone noticing or calling.

“Some of the steel is warped which tells there was high heat for a long time,” Chief Lynn said.