First responders deliver holiday cheer in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- First responders woke people from their beds this morning with a surprise.  It was a pleasant surprise.

“It’s the police.  We have a present for you,” Ferguson officer Tammy Fischer said after knocking.  The family inside was rushing to get dressed.
“Hey cutie, Merry Christmas!” Kinloch officer Sean Wade said. For weeks these police officers, firefighters and social workers have been compiling names of families they might be able to impact.

They entered the Ruebel’s house, without knowing their entire story.  The volunteers only knew the family could use extra support.  6-year-old Mikenzie wanted to tell me why.  She said, “I broke my back and I was paralyzed in my legs so I can’t walk.”

She said it happened after a car accident in August.  Mikenzie said there’s something she misses more than the use of her legs.  She said, “What I miss most is my uncle.  He died in the car accident.”

Mikenzie’s Mom Jennifer Ruebel told me, “The support and love and outreach towards my daughter has been unreal and unbelievable.  She is just my heart and soul and has really become a huge hero.”

Kinloch Officer Sean Wade is behind this, under his organization called “Team Bully Response Squad.”  He asked his friend, Ferguson Officer Tammy Fischer to help find families to support.

They found the families through personal experience and also by reaching out to schools and organizations that knew about people with unique struggles.

One of the people they visited was someone Ferguson Officer Tammy Fischer encountered during a recent police call.  She said she could tell the person was trying to do the right thing, but needing a little extra support to do it.

Officer Wade says it’s his mission to support people every day, not just on Christmas day.  And though his organization’s name“Team Bully Response Squad” seems to indicate a specific focus, he says today’s operation fits perfectly.  Wade says eliminating bullying is about showing people that we’re here for each other.

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