Flash flooding causes chaos in Eureka and Wildwood

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EUREKA, MO - Now the driver is safe and thankful for the man who helped rescue her.

“It was definitely terrifying,” said the driver of the car Paige Perry from High Ridge.

Amateur video shows the fierce flash flooding carrying her car down Highway 109 in Wildwood.

Fortunately, she was already out of the car when it was swept away.

Paige was north on 109 this morning when police were turning cars around at LaSalle Springs Middle because of flooding.

As she was turning around things got scary.

She explained, “When I went somebody decided to turn right instead and it like pushed water right up over my hood. And my car just stopped.”

Fortunately for Paige Brian Dinger was driving by in his big work truck.

He saw she needed help and stepped in.

“He goes uh you`re probably going to want to get out of there. And I was like I wish I could! And then he like repositioned the truck slightly in front of the car and it blocked some of the water,” said Paige.

Brian added, “She crawled across the top of the hood and I just held her hand to she could come across the top of her hood. And then she crawled onto the steps of my big truck there.”

“I jumped off and put my foot on the step and then my car just went woosh down the river!” said Paige.

Paige isn`t the only one with an incredible story.

The Weber family`s horse smoky was swept away by water rushing through their wildwood property.

Somehow Smoky was found safe about a quarter-mile away.

“When we found him, he was just as happy to see us as we were to see him to be honest with you. And it was just, everything was okay then,” said John Weber.

The flash flooding forced the Rockwood School District to cancel classes.

Buses had to pull off roads with kids on board.

Fortunately, everyone was okay.

“I want to make sure that we are taking good care of our students each and every day. And I believe we made the best decision for our students today,” said Rockwood Superintendent Mark Miles.

Rockwood officials say the fields that were flooded at Eureka High School likely won`t be usable for a couple of days.

But school is on for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Paige wasn`t the only rescue that Brian was involved with near LaSalle.

He also helped a mother with her two young kids get out of their car and onto a school bus until the flooding receded.

Out of concerns for more rain, Eureka city leaders and volunteers spent part of the day filling about one thousand sandbags.

Some were out tonight downtown just to be prepared.

The others will be put in storage.


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