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ST. LOUIS — Crews have been cleaning a stinky mess left by flash flooding in south St. Louis County Sunday afternoon. It happened at the Cedar Creek Lodge Apartments. The complex is not far from Hampton and the River Des Peres.

A MSD spokesman said one of their nearby rain gauges collected 2.5 inches of rain in an hour Sunday. Flash flooding moved into nearby homes and cars.

Chloe Winn’s car was totaled, “It’s totally destroyed there’s no way to fix it…you look out the window one second you come back and everything is floating around.”

This is the second time in a few months Andy Leka’s car was totaled by flash flooding. Leka said, “I am angry but I’m trying to calm myself down.”

Crews were busy hosing down all the mud that came out of Gravois Creek. Trees were pushed down. Workers from Reclaim Services will be here drying out 30 units all this week, 19 of the apartments were occupied.

“Floods are tough because there’s a lot of mud and you got to get the water out before the mold gets in there,” said Mark Biermann works for Reclaim Services.

An army of fans are going full force to dry out apartments. Jake Cooper, his wife and two children are going to have to move out because so much of their property was ruined.

“It was just a mess it was crazy…it was just shocking, really stressful,” said Cooper.

MSD spokesman Lance LeComb said it was just too much rain too fast with a nearby creek that may have caused debris to block drains. He added, “This is a result of living near creeks or streams and you can’t control mother nature in that respect.”

If you wonder if you live in a flood prone area you can go onto a web site called and quickly find out. ​