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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) – Images of high water at Eureka High School have been all over the national media. Flooding put much of the school under water. Now, the school’s superintendent says they will be open for class on Tuesday.

The school district posted this message to Facebook:


A message from Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost:

This morning our personnel were able to enter Eureka High School with our cleaning and sanitizing contractor. Unfortunately, the Athletic Building took on additional water after our last entrance and inspection, and there is damage to the athletic flooring and associated equipment throughout that specific building.

Our contracted professionals and our crews are currently on-site, and we will have the majority of the campus ready for school on Tuesday. Our EHS Principal, Mr. Crouther, is working with his administrative team to determine how to accommodate classes associated with the gym areas while repairs are underway. All areas that will be accessed by students and staff will be professionally cleaned, sanitized and inspected prior to usage next week.
After our inspection on Wednesday, we were very hopeful as we understood no additional water was expected to penetrate into the building. Unfortunately, as so many have learned in this catastrophe, much is unpredictable about flooding. We remain thankful this is over and we are on our way to returning our school building to a state of operation. Be assured, all sustained damages are covered through District insurance.

I continue to receive many offers of help, but at this point we need to leave the cleaning and sanitizing inside the building to the trained professionals. The parking lot is still predominately under water, but there is a detailed plan that will continue over the weekend as the water recedes. At this time, it appears our contracted experts and our facilities personnel will need to handle this cleanup effort. We fully expect to have complete access to the building for staff on Monday.

In the meantime, per the requests of the professionals, we must ask everyone to stay away as the cleaning process moves forward. Thank you for understanding and for your continued patience.

I again encourage volunteers to shift their attention to helping residents and businesses throughout the Eureka area. Anyone interested in volunteering elsewhere throughout the Eureka community, please visit the Enjoy Eureka page. It is my understanding that volunteers will be needed on Saturday.

Again, thanks to everyone for their concerns throughout this historic ordeal. I will continue to communicate any new information as it becomes available.
Have a great day and Happy New Year to all.