Flooding Frustrations For Lincoln County Residents

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NEAR WINFIELD, MO (KTVI)- The Mississippi River crested near Winfield, MO on Tuesday.  So residents near that river town thought that this battle with the great river was over. That was until late Friday afternoon, when firefighters checking the levees by boat discovered a 150 foot breach in the Bob's Creek Levee southeast of Winfield, MO.

Is it frustrating? "Very. Very," Randy Keeteman said as he loaded into a boat to go check his property.  "That’s all I can say.  I go to work saying, 'We won!'  Then, 'Oh no, we lost!'"

Flood waters began steadily rising, especially in parts of Winfield and Foley, east of Highway 79. Most of the area is farmland, but about 90 homes were in the path of the water. Residents were encouraged, but not required to leave.

On Saturday morning, residents say that frustration best describes their feelings. Many families were splitting up, with kids and either mom or dad heading to higher ground, and one adult staying home to protect the property.  Others, like Mark Porter, were keeping tabs on aging parents and loved ones.

"With their age and their health I worry about them a lot.  That’s who it’s really hard on.  I’m trying to make it as easy on them as possible."

The Pin Oak levee, which was breached in 2008, the Mississippi River levee, and all other levees remain intact in the affected area.

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