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TROY, MO. (KTVI) – Missourians sounded off about the concealed and carry gun law after it helped foil a bank robbery in Troy.

The president of Peoples Bank and Trust stopped a man who was robbing the bank.

“I have a concealed and carry permit and I had my gun in my special location,” David Thompson said.

Thompson used the gun to get the suspect to give up.

Willis Corbett worked for the NRA and said it was a “perfect” example of why the law is a good idea.

“The banker was ready to stop it and he did,” Corbett said.

However, Pastor B.T. Rice said there are “many” more examples of the concealed and carry law hurting the general public.

“It puts more guns on the streets and many times those guns are stolen by criminals and used in crimes,” Rice said.

The concealed carry law was passed in 2004.

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