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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- The St. Louis Police Force Investigative Unit has concluded its investigation into the fatal shooting death of Kajieme Powell and findings have been sent to the Circuit Attorney’s Office for review. According to the Circuit Attorney’s office, no criminal charges were requested.

On August 19, 2014, two St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers shot and killed Kajieme Powell, 25, in the 8700 block of Riverview. Powell was suspected of shoplifting from a convenience store. The shop owner believed Powell was carrying a weapon and called police. Another witness noticed that Powell was acting erratically and also called police.

When officers arrived, Powell was pacing and acting erratically. According to police, Powell approached officers and would not obey their commands to stop.

The family’s attorney called the shooting “negligent,” saying Powell was pacing the sidewalk and posing no threat.

Police chief Sam Dotson asked the FIU to take a second look at the findings after the Homicide Unit concluded its initial investigation. Findings of both investigations will be reviewed by the Circuit Attorney’s Office. Once that is completed and a decision reached, the findings of both investigations will be released to the public.

Circuit Attorney Jennifer M. Joyce released the following statement Tuesday:

Today, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced that it had delivered its findings regarding the shooting death of Kajieme Powell to the Circuit Attorney’s Office for review. The Police Department did not request any criminal charges.

As established under the Police Department’s protocol, the Circuit Attorney’s Office will now embark on an independent and thorough review of all the facts of Mr. Powell’s death. As a completely separate entity, the Police Department’s findings do not, in any way, dictate the actions to be taken by my office.

I will assemble a team of experienced prosecutors who will expeditiously review all the facts and evidence. This includes the video and information made available to the public shortly after the shooting, as well as additional materials. If necessary, we will conduct our own witness interviews to get to the truth of the circumstances of the shooting.

We urge anyone with information on this matter to assist us in this review process.

I ask for continued patience from the community. A thorough review demands sufficient time to seek the truth. When our team has reached a conclusion in the matter, my office will issue a report making clear our decision and the reason for it.

The review into the shooting death of Vonderrit Myers remains open and very active at this time. We also ask anyone with information on that case to come forward.

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