Drill sergeant facing court martial over multiple sexual assault allegations

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FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO (KTVI) – A court martial for a 30 year old former drill sergeant at Fort Leonard Wood is now underway. Sgt. Angel Sanchez faces three charges but under those charges 24 incidents are listed which include sexual assault, abusive sexual contact, indecent viewing and maltreatment.  There are apparently 8 victims. Before the trial began Monday afternoon Sanchez admitted to disobeying a general order.  He pleaded guilty to having sex with three female trainees. He’s accused of using his authority to isolate his victims and assault them in a variety of locations including locked rooms and offices.  His defense attorney Ernesto Gaspasin said some of the alleged victims have credibility problems.  Gaspasin said, “Witnesses were in fact facing pending separation some of them were facing UTMJ action as well which is potential court martial at the time the allegations were made and again obviously that all goes towards the credibility of those particular witnesses.”

The first witness testified Sanchez sexually assaulted her in Afghanistan in her room. She was asked why she didn’t yell for help.  She said, “I was hoping someone would come in cause I didn’t know what to do.”

The defense picked her testimony apart.  They pointed out the woman suffers from memory loss because of the results of injuries from three roadside bomb explosions.  They indicated she has made other sexual assault charges against other men in the military.

The court martial could continue through Wednesday

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