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ST. LOUIS – She’s a social media superstar, wife to an All-Star baseball player, and a former cast member on the hit show Real Housewives of Orange County.

Meghan King Edmonds hit the spotlight in 2015 when she joined the Real Housewives of Orange County for their 10th season.  Her life as the wife of Cardinal’s Hall of Famer Jim Edmonds, a new mom and stepmom played out for all to see.  “When I was going through IVF on real housewives, I knew there was a strong possibility of not having success and having to live that out on TV was difficult, but I put myself out there, the good the bad the ugly it doesn’t matter, I wanted people to see this is me, this is real,” Meghan said. I asked her about the best and worst of being on the show.  The “worst part is having to hang out with people you don’t like.” But, there were a lot of positives, “I got to do a lot of cool things on the housewives, made some great friends, overall it was the coolest job in the world.” She said she keeps in touch with Tamara and Shannon from the show and liked Orange County, but say’s St. Louis is home, “I grew up in St. Louis. I grew up in Crestwood. My parents grew up here. They went to high school here, I mean St. Louis is me.”

Her time in Orange County though helped to launch a successful career. “What I never expected from Real Housewives was my social media following. I expected it to grow and things like that, but the wave of the future is advertising on social media, at least part of it and I have almost 900,000 followers on Instagram alone… I’ve been able to turn that into a job for myself.”

Her biggest job, she says, is being a mom to Aspen, who is nearly two, twin boys Hayes and Hart, who are four months and a stepmom to Jim’s other 4 children.  If that’s not enough, she and Jim are also building a new house.

Meghan is also hosting a new radio segment on the Rick and Tracy Ellis real estate show called Meghan’s Must Haves. It will air on Sunday’s at 10 a.m. on FM Newstalk 97.1 and 590 The Fan. You can listen in beginning October 14th.