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NEAR NORMANDY, MO (KTVI)-Dozens of people will likely be homeless in the wake of a seven alarm fire that continues to bellow smoke and flames from an apartment complex in the Normandy area.  Firefighters say no one has been injured, but the damage is significant.

Flames broke out before 3:00am at the Norwood Court Apartment Complex at the corner of Lucas and Hunt and Interstate 70.  Residents report police going door to door banging on people’s doors to wake them up.  People ran from several buildings, saving only what they could carry.

Firefighters say the fire originally caught in the building at 7278 Norstead Walk, one of several structures described as 24 family units.  Witnesses report the fire spreading quickly as fire departments struck alarm after alarm, doing all they can to stop the advance of the flames.

Lucas and Hunt has been shut down completely south of Interstate 70, and many residents of other apartments in the complex are unable to get out due to fire hoses and equipment clogging the roads in and out of the complex.

This is the second time in less than five years that a major fire has broken out at the Norwood Court complex.  Back in 2010, flames erupted at another building, also requiring several north St. Louis County fire departments to put it out.