ST. LOUIS – Researchers are now looking into four new possible cases of monkeypox in the United States.

Monday, the Centers for Disease Control gave a telebriefing. Captain Jennifer McQuisten is a veterinarian and the agency’s Deputy Director of the Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology. She gave an update at that briefing.

“As of this morning [Monday, May 23], there have been one confirmed monkeypox case and four confirmed cases of orthopox cases in the United States,” McQuisten said.

She said orthopox describes a family of viruses, and monkeypox is a member. Federal and state health officials are working to confirm if those people are infected with monkeypox. The Massachusetts State Health Department confirmed one case. The New York State Department of Health reported one possible case. The Florida State Department of Health reported one possible case. The Salt Lake County Health Department in Utah reported two possible cases. The CDC lists muscle aches, chills, and skin blisters as some of the symptoms. Researchers said the virus can be breathed in, but it is also transmitted through an animal bite or human-to-human through broken skin.

The CDC reported there is no treatment for infection. However, there are vaccines and drugs to control an outbreak. Click here to hear the full briefing.