FOX Files: Alton man wants to know why police were rummaging through his house


ALTON, Ill. – An in-home surveillance camera captures Alton Police officers inside a home. One officer throws an axe and knocks a mirror off the wall.

You can hear officers rummaging around in other rooms. One officer appears to be looking for something. Another officer puts his gloves on, looks along the wall, and grabs what appears to be a milk jug. He hands it to the other officer asking if he wants it.

You can see at least three officers in the home. They’re sometimes laughing with each other while looking at things. One officer eventually walks right up to the camera and knocks it over.

It happened at Jonathan Clark’s house on Rixon Street this past January. He did not go public right away because he told us he first hoped to find out who the officers were and why they were in his home. He says he’s failed to get answers, and so has an attorney he just hired.

Attorney Shari Murphy said, “It’s been a complete stonewall. I haven’t gotten a phone call from anyone. I don’t know why they were there.”

Reporter Chris Hayes asked, “Should there be a police report?” Murphy smiled, “Of course there should! (Hayes) Is there one? (Murphy) Not that they have produced with my Freedom of Information Act requests.”

We tried to get answers about why police were here by looking at court records and we found the homeowner does have a court date for an ordinance violation – “Unfit Living Conditions.”

Murphy responded, “According to my clients, the house is in poor repair but they are constantly working on it, he also works a full-time job.”

In fact, Clark was supposed to be at this interview today but canceled because he said he couldn’t get off of work.

We called, emailed and visited Alton police headquarters to try to get answers. We asked for the Chief or anyone who could provide answers. We’ve received no response so far, but it’s not the end of the story.

Murphy said, “I would like to know who the officers were, what their official purpose was. I’d like to know why they were really there because I bet why they were really there isn’t what their official purpose was.”

Murphy says it now appears only a lawsuit will get answers.

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