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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo- Bobby McCulley had a history of women claiming abuse prior to the tragedy which unfolded Friday when authorities say McCulley killed a mother and her two children before taking his own life.

Two previous women both made claims of domestic violence five years ago. Court documents reveal two different women feared McCulley enough to write to the courts.

In 2016, one woman obtained a full order of protection. She wrote by hand, saying McCulley “…pulled a gun on me and my child and aimed it at us both.”

She declined to talk to FOX2 about her experience but wrote on social media today that her continued fear leads her to carry a loaded gun wherever she goes.

Also in 2016, we found another domestic relations case involving McCully. A different woman wrote by hand, “In June of 2016 we had police intervention for domestic violence. He has come to my home threatening my mother. He also sent his new girlfriend to my mother’s home to fight me.”

We spoke to a relative of that woman today who said she wanted to maintain her privacy.

McCulley’s past also reveals abuse from more than a decade ago, when he was 23 years old. Court records say he pleaded guilty to ‘false imprisonment’ which involves holding someone against their will as well as tampering with a victim or witness. That conviction got him one year on probation in which he wore an ankle monitor.