FOX Files: Man Thought ‘Missing’ in OH, Used Fake Name in MO

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Several women in Saint Louis still can’t believe it, a man missing for months from Ohio mysteriously turned up in the St. Louis area. But the ‘Casanova’ used fake names to reportedly use women. Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes reveals the story of love, lies and mystery.

The man with a beautiful family, disappeared just months after posing for 2010 Christmas picture. His wife reported him missing from Rio Grande, Ohio after he left for a job interview and never returned.

It turned out, he was in the St. Louis area, reportedly dating several women at once.
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One of those women, from De Soto, returned home from work last month to find her and her daughter’s valuables gone.

She said, “How — if you have children of your own — do you steal from a child?”

They knew him as Jay Masters. He seemed a warm and friendly guy.

The De Soto woman said, “He interacted with my daughter really well and he even sat there and worked with her on her homework.”

Neighbor Nikki Leonard had no hesitation about his character. She said, “If I didn’t like him or I got a bad feeling, would tell her in a heartbeat.” She added, “He would come over and talk to my husband and I — what he was working on at the house, the Cardinals, all kinds of stuff.”

The De Soto woman found him on the Web site Little did she know, he used a fake last name – “Masters.” He said he had “no” kids. And he went out of his way to write “not into head games and bs.”

For weeks, he lived up to his claims. So the De Soto woman let him stay when he said he had nowhere to live. Neighbors saw him leave that final day. Leonard described how it seemed like any other day. She said, “He was out here watering the flowers and the doors on his car were open and he was standing there watering my neighbor’s bushes and the next thing I know, he got in his car and left and they came home a couple hours later and all their stuff was gone.”

The man’s license plate led Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies to the truth. The De Soto woman said, “I went farther into shock. it was bad enough that he took all this stuff from me and my daughter. Then I found out it’s getting deeper than I could have imagined.”

Other possible victims. One in Washington, MO. Another in St. Louis County. And other aliases. We found him on facebook, using the name James Allen.

After police caught on, they found him in Marshall, Missouri. His real name — Jay Holsinger. He’s now locked up at the Jefferson County jail facing charges of felony theft.

I asked Nikki Leonard, “What would you say to him if you could get him in front of your face?”

[Leonard] “Hahaha, I wouldn’t have anything nice to say.”

The woman who dated him said, “Basically his wife doesn’t know who he is anymore. She never imagined he would do this.”

Hayes followed up, “Does anybody know who he is?

[Woman] “I don’t know that anybody does.”

Holsinger abandoned his wife, twin sons & a daughter in Ohio, before pretending to be someone else here in Missouri. His wife has been in regular contact with the victims here, as they’ve leaned on each other for support in this bizarre case. Holsinger is now held on a $60,000 cash only bond. We’ll try to talk to him, when he appears for his first day in court.

Stay tuned.

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