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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Fox Files investigators Chris Hayes went to court Thursday as Kinloch was busted for using a private security company to run radar.

Kinloch and Uplands Park officials previously said they were mailing out tickets that weren’t real tickets, but drivers didn’t know that and many people said they had paid the fake tickets.

Kinloch has now joined Uplands Park in saying it won’t play this game anymore.

One ticket in question reads “notice of violation” and “payment due” in the amount of $125.

“Well, I would’ve paid them. Everyone here told me not to,” said Karen Dunman of Kinloch.

She doesn’t believe she was ever speeding and, on one of the tickets, she’s positive authorities got the time wrong.

“Because I don’t leave work until 4:30 and one of the times is at 3:30 in the afternoon,” she said.

A St. Louis County judge also had a problem with it. He demanded Kinloch Mayor Darren Smalls, City Manager Justine Blue, and former judge Christopher Bent to answer for their actions. Kinloch contracted with Public Safety First Partners to run radar and mail warnings that look like tickets.

Kinloch backed down in court and cancelled the speed trap contract. All 2,084 tickets that were mailed out have since been voided.